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Text Messes from around the world

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From The Moscow Times:

We may never know the degree of sorrow felt by a young Novosibirsk woman over the traffic cop she struck and killed with her car while driving drunk. But a senior traffic safety official said the “cynicism” of the suspect is exemplified by the text message – complete with emoticon – she sent her boyfriend after killing the officer:

“Honey, I killed a cop. I’m sorry 😦 What should I do?”

Adjectives Mitigate?

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Background: I went on an online date with this guy ONCE. He sends this two days later:

“Hey pretty, i want to be inside your pretty thighs”


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Parents just don’t Texterstand

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Text from my Dad: “Is this a text message. call when u get this”

Second text from my Dad: “Wait no! text when u get it i don’t know if I can receive love dad”

Identity Mistext

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Doggone Drunk

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The Great American Text.

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Background: I met this guy kind of randomly, gave him my number. He contacts me about a week later. The text I sent him before this one basically just said to call me next time he was in town. His response literally spans 4 different text messages.

Hey princess! I live in el cerrito and las Vegas. i manage circus performers that why im in Vegas like twice a week and i manage a import/export metal trading business. its called sims global trade corporation. fortune 500 here in the east bay. I buy scrap metal for my company to process and sale to all car companies and everyone else in the world to melt and recycle the metal. i got injured when i was with the new york mets two years ago so now im back. Your so beautiful.


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